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Tom and Barbara Boyd - Conversational Guides for The Wisdom Tour: A Guide for Intentional Aging

Dr. Barbara Boyd is retired from serving as the Director of Outreach for the Religious Studies Program and teaching professor at the University of Oklahoma. 

Dr. Tom Boyd is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy from the University of Oklahoma. ..

Barbara and Tom are strong advocates for the experience of travel as a means of expanding our horizons and setting the stage for enlightened experiences. Both are ordained Presbyterian Ministers with special interests in working with people from a variety of cultures and religions to increase understanding through interfaith dialogue with a particular interest in the spiritual life.

Tom has published the book, Lusting for Infinity, A Spiritual Odyssey. He is currently working on a book titled, Autobiography of My Dying, Adventures in Mortality.

Barbara has written the book which is the theme of this tour, The Wisdom Years: A Guide for Intentional Aging which includes some of her poetry.

As a couple they thrive on walking tours, travel, reading novels, film and late-night conversations.

Malana Fox
Malana serves as the accountant/administrator for Irish Byways.  She has known Carolyn for nearly 15 years and witnessed the birth of Irish Byways.  Malana’s Earth-based spirituality has led her to many women’s circles, dance circles and drum circles. 

Currently, she practices the healing arts of massage and craniosacral therapy and is studying herbal medicine and sacred ceremony.  She lives in Lakewood, CO with her grown daughter and enjoys the benefits of life at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

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