Tours of Ireland - The Land of Saints, Scholars and Musicians

The Land of Saints, Scholars and Musicians

2019 Tour Two: “The Land of Saints, Scholars & Musicians”
Depart USA Wednesday, May 1 to arrive Ireland Thursday, May 2 and return USA Sunday, May 12

This tour is limited to 30 travelers. Guide Dave Hogan is with us on part of this tour, other local guides are employed on this tour.

2019 Tour Two Details— “The Land of Saints, Scholars & Musicians”
Tour Two Fee: $3500 plus airfare and insurance (Travel insurance must be equal in coverage to the Platinum Level through Travel Guard.)
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Most travelers choose to arrive and depart Shannon Airport

This NEW Tour is planned and led by Masterful Irish Guide, Dave Hogan and covers a diversity of significant sites (some seldom seen) in the west of Ireland. Dave will highlight our tour each day with his wisdom and his words as we experience the lands and the ancient markers of the Irish landscapes.

Tour Two Details:
This tour is centered on the fabled south west of Ireland, visiting Counties, Clare, Limerick, Kerry and Cork; dominated by the estuary of the River Shannon, the longest river in Britain and Ireland. This rugged quadrant of Ireland, with is wild bogs and mountains of Old Red Sandstone, has a long history of monastic and earlier archaeological settlement.  We will explore , megalithic sites as well as ruined monasteries and round towers, some on islands, in search of what essentially connected these monks to the land.  The peninsulas of west Kerry bring us into connection with a rugged wildness that has its epitome in Killarney National Park.  The towns of Ennis, Kenmare and Killarney all bear witness to the roll of agriculture, landlords and tourism is shaping the character and economy of this lovely corner of Ireland. And finally we discover one of Ireland’s rare gems, the Gaeltacht, and area where the Irish language is the first and everyday language of the people.

Guides reserve the right to make changes to our Itinerary in the event of extreme weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.  Arrangements can also be made (at additional traveler’s expense) for self-chosen local activities such as horseback riding or for additional self-chosen taxi service.

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