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Dave Hogan, guide invites you to come along as they step through significant sites of the independent ascetic monastic period, 400-1100, prior to the introduction of a diocesan system. Anthony Previte’s books A Guide to Lough Corrib’s Early Monastic Sites, and A Guide to Connemara’s Early Christian Sites, are a rich resource for the tour.  Anthony recently won the All-Ireland Heritage Award for his books.  He describes early monasticism in Ireland as having “a special uniqueness in the history of the Celtic church in that any organisation to do with finance, lands etc., was not governed by bishops but by the abbots of the monasteries.” When available, Anthony joins us for a tour presentation.

Such a tour requires a masterful guide who is knowledgeable about the life of monks who organized churches, centers of learning and produced artistic and scholarly works.. Dave Hogan is that guide, who also brings together all the fascinating and interconnected layers of Irish life and landscape surrounding this period.

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