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Irish Byways Group Tours - Have a Flow of Their Own…

Irish Byways LLC was born on the Irish soil, recognizing the need for a unique and highly personal exploration of remote and rich landscape of early history and mythology in Ireland.  The tours are planned with brilliant guides who take you to sites of national significance and also to sites well hidden and known to be guarded by the fairies.  We have an appreciation for the numinous presence in the land and are completing steps to be recognized as an EcoTour.

Each tour has a flow of its own, designed to allow for a more relaxed pace mostly off-the-bus and onto the land.  Ample time is given to create your own journey within the larger journey.  You may choose to begin your day walking one of the enchanting back roads or one of the quaint coastal village streets where it is easy to begin a personal conversation with those who live here.  After returning from the day’s guided tour, you may find your way to to traditional Irish music and the light twist of Irish humor in one of the many local pubs.

IRISH MUSIC: We take extraordinary steps for you to hear the best of local music.  Recognizing that most music in local pubs begins after 10 pm, we also arrange for three spectacular music nights with local musicians beginning about 7 pm.

Whichever traveler you are, we understand that this is your tour as much as it is ours.  We look forward to sharing the very best of Irish Byways with you.


Carolyn Germaine, Irish Byways LLC owner/manager
The tours were born out of Carolyn’s work beginning in 2001 with the “Fire Eye” Project in Ireland. With Tour Guide, Dave Hogan, she created the “Landscape & Lore, Music & Myth Tour” and “The Land of Saints, Scholars & Musicians”.  Both focus on the remote region of Connemara, northwest of Galway. With author Anthony Previte, Dave Hogan next designed a tour focusing on Monastic Sites.  Anthony won the Ireland Heritage Award for his newly-published book, “A Guide to Connemara’s Early Christian Sites”.  Carolyn blends her passion for the Earth, her love of poetry, and playing the traditional Irish tin whistle into the tours. 

Carolyn is certified in three areas which have enriched her unique intention for Irish Byways LLC Tours.  She is certified in Co-Active Life Coaching through CTI, Spiritual Guidance through The Shalem Institute and Enneagram Leadership (an ancient personality typology).  When not with the tours, Carolyn works as a wedding officiant described on her website

Carolyn has also led four retreats of her own design: “Feast for the Soul”, “Recovering the Divine Feminine” and “The Nine Pathways of the Enneagram”.  She is also a certified leader of the “Conscious Aging” Program through the Institute of Noetic Sciences. You may contact Carolyn through email or phone 612.616.3782

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