Immerse Yourself in Traditional Irish Music and Culture

Traditional Live Irish Music - A Focus in All Our Tours

Ireland is steeped in traditional music; it feels as if it comes from the very rocks and mists of the land.  Enter the smallest pub in the tiniest village on a Saturday night and chances are you will stumble upon an informal music session with the possibility of hearing Ireland’s top musicians playing at their favorite local pub.  These musicians play tunes learned from their parents; as their parents also learned from theirs.  This is music that speaks more deeply of the soul of Ireland than words ever could.  On all our tours, our guides will be joining in on some of these sessions.  Tour participants are also encouraged to join in. 

Irish Byways also arranges two Irish Traditional Music Nights as an integral part of each tour.  Designed to be an intimate, informal evening, tour participants get to meet and mingle with some of the best musicians in the west of Ireland.  This is a session, not a formal concert. Showcase instruments such as uilleann pipes, fiddle, accordion and low whistle play a variety of traditional Irish music, from slow airs to lively dance to formal O Carolan compositions from the early 18th century. And don’t forget the singing !  When available the musicians are joined by one or more sean-nos (the oldest traditional form) dancers and this increases the energy and participation for everyone present.  The emphasis is traditional and every tour is energised, surprised and delighted by this very special evening.

We work closely with the best of Irish Musicians such as Fiachra O’Regan, current all-Ireland champion Uillean Pipes player and a recent all-Ireland champion whistle player to meet with our touring groups
- Fiachrapipes Often joining Fiachra is his equally musically talented partner, Sophie Lavoie.
We always engage the best of local musicians and at times have been fortunate to engage one or both of The Kane Sisters, Liz and Yvonne, as well - The Kane Sisters Whoever performs, Music Nights are a highlight of every Irish Byways Tour!  It is common for our travelers to remark that such a music night, in and of itself, make our tour worth taking!

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